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Our Referral Process and Referral Forms

Prestige infusions is the leading infusion therapy facility that physicians are referring for their patients.  Our dedication and commitment to patients' needs by offering a wide range of both biologic and antibiotic therapies is unparalleled.  We commit to our referring physicians a standard of excellence.   And we do our very best to make sure that every pre-determination is approved as soon as possible.


Referring a patient to PRESTIGE is quick and simple! You can be assured that we are

the Infusion Experts! 

IV therapies may be ordered by clicking on the medication name below. A fillable-PDF form will be displayed for you to fill-out and save/send to us. 

Prestige Insurance Coordinators make sure the following is completed for each new patient:​

  1. Process each Physician Referral​

  2. Verify Patient's Benefits and confirm that the prescribed drug is covered by the Patient's insurance​

  3. Confirm the approval from the insurer and notify the physician ​

  4. Look for cost-savings options by exploring drug assistance programs​

  5. Contact patient and discuss benefits, out-of-pocket costs and rebates (if applicable)​

  6. Schedule appointment and answer any questions or concerns of patient​

  7. Follow-up with referring physician​

For Providers: Treatments
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